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How to play WWE supercard on computer

WWE supercard is a game which is released for IOS and Android. It was released on 14th August 2014. 2K games published this game and this game was developed by Cat Daddy games and Visual Concepts. wwe supercard cheats

It was named “season 2” later. It was renamed because of an update came on 19th August 2015.

The new version came with different superstars, new music, tokens and worldwide chat features. One can also play this game on pc. The technique is described below.

  • Highlights:

WWE SuperCard for PC Features a list of 700+ cards and a lot of high-octane activity, it is a definitive WWE CCG.

The Player can redo his group by finding cards and train and join them to catalyst his deck to overhaul their dimensions and open their maximum capacity.

Take your five-man group online against different adversaries to test your aptitudes. Win your matches to get new cards to add to your program.

  • Modes:

WWE Super Card comprises of a few modes.

1. Show Mode:

Each show match incorporates a variety of matches, wherein the player picks a few cards with or without a help card.

There are commonly three matches in such a game, each conveying one point to the triumphant player.

Each success gives the player two picks however an incident misfortune gives one and a perfect win (3-0 triumph) gives an extra pick.

2. King of the Ring Mode (KOTR)

In KOTR, there are recreated matches. The player is coordinated with 14 different players where during the line-up, every player faces the adversary player’s squad multiple times (not continuously) in a specific request.

3. People’s Champion Challenge Mode (PCC) 

In a People’s championship challenge league, the player picks one in all the various aspects open and plays to feature wins to the genius’ side picked by him/her and to select up focuses.

People’s championship challenge league matches are a lot of admire Exhibition matches.

The player additions focuses to scale the rankings and towards the end of the occasion is granted cards on the explanation of the triumphant aspect and therefore the player’s positioning. 

4. Team People’s Champion Challenge (TPCC) 

This is Associate in Nursing extension of the quality People’s championship challenge league. 

A bunch is to be created involving a minimum of four individuals to be qualified within the group People’s championship challenge league. By then a pool is created of cards from each half. 

5. Road to Glory (RTG) 

The player picks his/her foe like he would with People’s Champion Challenge to select up focuses.

Not in any manner just like the different modes, this mode uses a stamina structure as a chunk of that you’ll play five coordinates in succession.

The player will obtain a free match at standard interims or pay money for stamina with credits. 

6. Ring Domination Match (RDM) 

Much admire People’s Champion alternative and Road to Glory, Ring Domination is a rare match kind that’s open for restricted time spans.

Prizes from this mode depends on upon the extraordinariness of your geniuses and may obtain a card from one low uncommon card, a current uncommon card or onehigh card.

7. WrestleMania 

Contains a distinct accumulation of quite seventy cards, together with WWE Superstars. WrestleMania level is one in every of greatest and most dominant accumulations so far.

  • To play WWE supercard on computer you should follow the process below

1. You have to download and install BlueStacks. There are some alternative. You can also download andyroid or ipadaian.

2. Next you have to register new account or you can use your old Gmail or Google account.

3. Then you have to go to the search box of BlueStacks and search for ” WWE supercard”

4. Then you have to click on download button and wait till it downloads.

5. This is done! Now you can play WWE supercard on your desktop.


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